Yesterday Pages...

The Today Page started in very late 1994, which makes it 5 years old this Christmas. I think this is a pretty decent age for a website, so here's a little retrospective of the various incarnations.

The chances of any of the links working on some of the older pages are pretty slim. I seem to have lost the imagemaps too - so the clickable images are hosed on the first two, unfortunately.

The Original

This site was one of only 20 or so listed in Yahoo's original Web Directory section, at the beginning of 1995. The idea was to fill all the parts of what your daily paper would provide with web content that changed daily. It was hard to fill all the gaps back then. I think VOA Gopher was the only decent news source, from memory (Gopher is the Next Big Thing, don't you know). (example from April 95)

Mk II - In Colour!

This one is a bit more extensive, featuring the Electronic Telegraph (the first UK online paper?). Yahoo's What's New page was something you could cover in 10 minutes or so too. (example from Jan 96)

Mk III - My Favourite

This one has good and bad bits - a proliferation of widgets (headlines, banners, logos) makes the top more cluttered than it should be. I liked the newly seperated sections, the new top graphic, and the background - the background looked really groovy inverted for 'turn the web black' day whenever that was. It was also inverted (literally - turned upside down) for April 1st (example from Dec 1998)

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